Forex Account Management Details In English In Pakistan

Forex Account Management Details In English In Pakistan

A Skilled Trading Team Of Pak Eagle Enterprises And Digitech.Com.Pk That Has Worked With Forex.Com, Alpari, Hotforex, Instaforex And With Many Other Renowned Forex Companies For The Past Many Years, While Extending Its Services Has Now Launched Forex Account Management Services. Many Of Our Friends, Students And Fellow Forex Traders Had Urged Us For The Past Many Years To Start This Service, But We Couldn’t Have Started This Service Because We Didn’t Want To Do It As Everyone Else Do. Many Companies In The World Including Pakistan Are Running This Service But Their Clients Often Suffer Loss, Which Has Two Major Reasons.

  • Mostly It Functions This Way That Company Opens A Main Account And Deposits Clients Funds To That Account To Make It A Grand Account And Company Traders Trade Through That Account And Every Client Is Paid His Share As Per The Percentage Of His Capital From That Account. The Biggest Drawback With This System Is That All The Investors Suffer A Gross Capital Loss Due To The Mistake Done By Company Trader

  • All Account Managing Companies Fix Their Per-Lot Commission, Like A Company Claims To Get 10$ Charges From Its Investors On Every Standard Lot (Whether A Trade Yields Profit Or Not But The Company Will Take Its Charges Anyway).
    Most Of The Account Managing Companies Are Interested In Their Commission Than The Trader’s Profit Which Is The Biggest Flaw With This System. As A Company Has To Reap Commission On Every Trade And It Is None Of Their Business If A Trade Is Closed In Profit Or Loss, So Company Conducts More And More Trades Just To Earn Its Own Commission Because The More The Trades They Conduct The More Will Be Their Commission, So The Companies Execute Over Trading Violating The Basic Rules Of Money Management To Yield More Of Their Profit. While All This Hoaxing Often Overlooking Market Conditions Creates A Substantial Loss. Although Account Managing Company Stays In Profit By Keeping Its Commission On Every Trade Yet Investor’s Money Drowns.

These Are The Major Reasons That An Investor Usually Suffers Loss And Companies In Lure Of Their Commission Intentionally Or Unintentionally Cause A Loss To Their Investors. For The Same Grounds (Reasons) We Had Not Started This Service.

But By The Grace And Help Of Allah Almighty Pak Eagle Enterprises And Digitech.Com.Pk Have Overcome All These Imperfections And Have Sorted Out A Way To Tackle These Defects With Elbow Grease.

In The Beginning We Reserved This Service To Gain Our Personal Motives, Afterwards By The Grace Of God We Made It Public So That Whosoever Wants Could Avail It By The Grace Of God.

The Aforementioned Two Imperfections Have Been Rectified By Us And Our Experts This Way.

Rather Having A Grand Account And Depositing All The Investors Money In It, Our Team Has Designed Special Software And Now We Operates This Way

  • Every Investor Will Have His Separate Forex Account (On His Own Name.)

  • Every Client Can Open His Own Account In Any Forex Company Of His Choice (Though Our Software Works Good With Most Of The Companies Meta Trader, But Its Works Better With Some Specific Companies. So We Can Advise You Which Company Is Best To Work With To Avoid Problems).

  • Every Client Is Supposed To Invest In His Own Forex Account (He Can Invest By Himself Or We Can Assist Him).

  • Our Trading Team Consists / Comprises Of Experts From Pakistan, America, England, Canada And Australia Who Are Wizards Of Their Field And Trading Styles. If A Trader Is Candlestick Expert Then Other Is Trend Trading Expert, If A Trader Trades Support And Resistance Then We Have Scalpers Too, We Have Long Term And Short Term Traders, Web Have Swing Traders And Day Traders Too. In Short All Type Of Experts Are There With Us By The Grace Of God To Provide Trading To Clients.

  • Minimum Required Capital Is $500 To Join An Account With Our System.

  • Team Experts Will Adjust Trading Lot Size On Their Own Will.

  • If An Investor’s Account Is Grater Than $5000, Multiple Accounts Instead Of One Will Work For Him, Which Will Be Handled By Separate Trading Experts, This Is What, Which Will Not Only Play A Vital Role In Account & Money/Risk Management But Will Also Render An Opportunity To Avail The Trading From All Types f Trading Experts.

  • Withdrawal Will Be Once Or Twice A Month And Customer Will Be Bound To Consult With Administration For That.

  • Our First Priority Would Be To Refund Investor’s Investment By Profit Withdrawals Because Once He Withdraws Profit Equal To His Investment Then He Could Carry On His Business By His Profit And He Will Not Be Bothered About His Capital Any More.

Forex Business Where On One Hand Is A Profitable Business, Apprehension Of Loss Couples With It On The Other Hand. Although Our Team Works With Devotion And Hard Work And For The Past Our Trading Team Has Matchless Results Alhamdulillah Yet Market Conditions Are Uncertain. Forex, Currency, Metals, Futures Trading Is A Risky Business Where Huge Profit Can Carry The Threat Of Huge Loss So This Business Is Not Suitable For All Capitalists, No Fix Return Is Guaranteed In This Business. You Can Suffer Full Or Partial Investment Loss In It So Don’t Make An Investment Which You Can’t Bear Loss. Do Bear In Mind The Motives, Experiences And Risk Factor Before You Make An Investment. If You Are Incognizant Of/Unaware Of The Pros And Cons Of Trading And Investment, Consult Some Independent Expert Before Investing In This Business.

It Is Mandatory On All The Clients / Investors Utilizing This Service To Sign After Comprehending Pak Eagle Enterprises And Digitech.Com.Pk’s Risk Factor And Disclosure Agreement.

In Case Of Partial Or Full Loss Of Investor’s/Client’s Investment Company (We), Its Representatives, Business Executive Or Its Workers Will Not Be Held Responsible. So Every Client/Investor Will Sign This Agreement With Us That He Has Made Investment After Great Consideration With His / Her Own Will And That He / She Himself Will Be Responsible Of Every Profit Or Loss.

Hence In Case Of Any Loss The Client / Investor Doesn’t Reserve Any Right To File Lawsuit Against Company, Its Representatives And Business Executive Or Its Workers.

This Service Could Be Started Anytime. Minimum Investment To Start With Is $500. Despite Taking Commission On Each Lot Like Other Companies We Will Get 50% Share From Your Profit. The Biggest Benefit To Investor Would Be To Have Zero Threat Of Overtrading From Company’s Traders To Raise More Profit Like Other Companies And Our Experts Will Venture More To Get Investors More Profit Because Trading Team Will Get Its Share Only In Case Your Get Profit.

You Can Contact Us Any Time To Start Forex Account Management Service Just Call Us At +92-300-6561240 To Start The Service

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Forex Account Management Details In Urdu

Forex Account Management Details In Urdu

Aslam-o-alakum. Dosto Humee Yeh Pata He Ke Forex Ek Bohat Hi LajawabBsiness He Jis Me Bohat Thori Investment Ker Ke Hum Bohat He Zayada Profits Earn Kar Sakte He But Us Ke Sath Sath yeh Bhi Sach He Ke Forex Me Kam Kerne Ke Liye Hume Bohat Mehnat Kerni Perti He. Is Business Ko Kamyabi Ki Traf Le Ker Janne Ke Liye Humee Is Ko Proper Study Kerna Perta He Or Sabar Ke Sat Demo Practice Kerna Perti He. Or Hum Me Se Har Koi Itna Time Nahi De Sakta. Isi Liye Digital Technologies Pakistan Or Pak Eagle Enterprises Ne Ap Dosto Ki Help Ke Liye Kuch Years Pele Forex Account Management Start Ki Thi Jis Me Hamari Expert Teams Ap Ke Liye Trading Kerti He. Us Urdu Article Me Ap Ko Account Management Team Ke Bare Me Sabi Details Mil Jaye Gi Jo Inshallah Ap Ke Liye Zuroor Faeda Mand Hon Gi.

Forex Account Management Details In Urdu

For Free Urdu Hindi Technical Analysis, Free Urdu Trading Signals, Free Urdu Hindi Forex Training Course, Forex Account Management In Pakistan And Complete Advance, Professional And Expert Level Forex Training In Urdu And Hindi In Pakistan Call Us +92-300-6561240, Or Visit Our Urdu Forex Training Section At Digitech.Com.Pk

Mr. German Pavlyak, My Teacher, My Benefactor

Mr. German Pavlyak, My Teacher, My Benefactor

Mr. German Pavlyak, My Teacher, My Benefactor

Mr. German Pavlyak “Former Instaforex.Com’s Director Business Development For Asia”. The Personality Who Introduced Me To The World Of Forex And Taught Me The Ups And Downs With Care. Who Was Very Strict On My Every Mistake And Backed Me Up And Appreciated Me On My Every Success. The One Who Helped Me To Understand Forex Companies Internal Matters And Compliance Department Procedures. The One Who Helped Me To Make My Forex Business Successful And Taught Me How To Develop Relationship With Clients. My Benefactor Whose Guidance Has Lead Me To Become A Successful Forex Trader / Representator And Businessman And I Am Successfully Soaring The Stages Of Success. My Teacher Who Introduced Me To This Industry And Guided Me On Every Inch. He Is The One ………..To Whom I Owe A Heartfelt Gratitude And I Wish Him All The Best For His Success.

MetaTrader 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

MetaTrader 4 Keyboard Shortcuts

I have been helping a lot of customer install, setup and use MetaTrader 4 recently and although its not our preferred platform it defiantly has a place in the trade world for beginners or someone who wishes to have a minimal cost setup. I would even go as far as to say that its a good platform for automated order execution.

I have written this list of my top 10 shortcut keys int MetaTrader 4 that I think are very handy and can defiantly speed up using the platform and make it less of a drag! Like anything if you learn to use your tools properly the rest will come easy…. In theory ?

For Free Urdu Hindi Technical Analysis, Free Urdu Trading Signals, Free Urdu Hindi Forex Training Course, Forex Account Management In Pakistan And Complete Advance, Professional And Expert Level Forex Training In Urdu And Hindi In Pakistan Call Us +92-300-6561240, Or Visit Our Urdu Forex Training Section At Digitech.Com.Pk

Left Arrow — chart scrolling to the left.
Right Arrow — chart scrolling to the right.
Page Up — fast chart scrolling to the left.
Page Down — fast chart scrolling to the right.
F12 — move the chart by one bar to the left.
Shift+F12 — move the chart by one bar to the right.
Ctrl+P — print the chart.
F11 — enable/disable the full screen mode. – This one is great for MetaTrader 4 as it can look a bit clunky sometimes
Ctrl+I — call the “Indicators List” window. – Dealing with indicators all day long this has become my favourite!
Ctrl+N — open/close the “Navigator” window. – Navigator is a handy little tool in MetaTrader 4 but can take up a lot of room so this shortcut can save time.

Above are my top 10 but I have included all the others i know exist in MetaTrader 4 below.

Numpad 5 — restoring of automatic chart vertical scale after its being changed. If the scale was defined, this hot key will return the chart into the visible range.
Home — move the chart to the start point.
End — move the chart to the end point.
“-“ — chart zoom out.
“+” — chart zoom in.
Delete — delete all selected graphical objects.
Backspace — delete the latest objects imposed into the chart window.
Enter — open/close fast navigation window.
Esc — close the dialog window.
F1 — open this “Userguide”.
F2 — open the “History Center” window.
F3 — open the “Global Variables” window.
F4 — download MetaEditor.
F5 — switch to the next profile.
F6 — call the “Tester” window for testing the expert attached to the chart window.
F7 — call the properties window of the expert attached to their chart window in order to change settings.
F8 — call the chart setup window.
F9 — call the “New Order” window.
F10 — open the “Popup prices” window.
Shift+F5 — switch to the previous profile.
Alt+1 — display the chart as a sequence of bars (transform into bar chart).
Alt+2 — display the chart as a sequence of candlesticks (transform into candlesticks).
Alt+3 — display the chart as a broken line (transform into line chart).
Alt+A — copy all test/optimization results into the clipboard.
Alt+W — call the chart managing window.
Alt+F4 — close the client terminal.
Ctrl+Z — undo object deletion.
Ctrl+A — arrange all indicator windows heights by default.
Ctrl+B — call the “Objects List” window.
Ctrl+C — copy to the clipboard.
Ctrl+E — enable/disable expert advisor.
Ctrl+F — enable “Crosshair”.
Ctrl+G — show/hide grid.
Ctrl+H — show/hide OHLC line.
Ctrl+L — show/hide volumes.
Ctrl+S — save the chart in a file having extensions: “CSV”, “PRN”, “HTM”.
Ctrl+W — close the chart window.
Ctrl+Y— show/hide period separators.
Ctrl+D — open/close the “Data Window”.
Ctrl+M — open/close the “Market Watch” window.
Ctrl+O — open the “Setup” window.
Ctrl+R — open/close the “Tester” window.
Ctrl+T — open/close the “Terminal” window.
Ctrl+F6 — activate the next chart window.
Ctrl+F9 — open the “Terminal — Trade” window and switch the focus into it. After this, the trading activities can be managed with keyboard.

I hope this helps you speed up in getting around MetaTrader 4.